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Tag Name Description Domain Data Type Number of Values
ID Identification Object id Ids System-Generated single
NAME Name Public name of the object ASCII Text single
SHORTDESCRIPTION ShortDescription Short description of the object ASCII Text single
DESCRIPTION Description Full description of the object ASCII Text single
REFERENCE Reference Reference to documents/sources Reference GroupInstance multiple
VARIABLE Variable A variable is a quantity that can be represented quantitatively as a function of space and time. Variables ControlledVocabulary single
RESOLUTION Resolution Resolution defines the minimum difference between two neighboring values of a variable selected as an attribute. RealNumbers Number single
MEDIUM Medium A medium is something that fills a certain area of a space or a domain in the earth system, such as air, atmosphere, ocean, water, surface water, etc. Mediums ControlledVocabulary single
ACCURACY Accuracy Accuracy is associated with variables and values that are collected for a variable. RealNumbers Number single
ExpDomain ExpDomain The domain of expertise the object is relevant for. Examples are climate, ocean, energy, disasters, etc. ExpDomains ControlledVocabulary multiple
MATURITY Maturity The maturity of the object. Maturities ControlledVocabulary single
ACCESS Access Access modes and authorities for the object. Access ControlledVocabulary multiple
FEASIBILITY Feasibility Feasibility of achieving a goal or target or performing an action. ASCII Text single
REMEDY Remedy Action to address a problem or issue. ASCII Text single
TRACABILITY Tracability Description of a trace that led to the object described by the entry. ASCII Text single
IMPACT Impact The effect an action or addressing an issue is likely to have. ASCII Text single
COST Cost The cost an effort might incure. ASCII Text single
PRIORITY Priority The level of priority that should be given to addressing an issue such as a gap. ASCII Text single
STATUS Status The status of an issue described by the instances. ASCII Text single
OWNER Owner Owner and/or author of an object. SEEINUsers SystemGenerated single
COMMUNITY Community A group of people that has a common interest. Community GroupInstance multiple
PUBLISHER Publisher An organization that publishes documents. Organization GroupInstance single
HOWPUBLISHED Howpublished A description of how a document was published. ASCII Text single
SUBGROUP Subgroup Indicates the subgroup assciated with an instance. VARIABLE ControlledVocabulary single